Monday, August 15, 2011

Doctor Visit Today

There was a measure heading for the Fall ballots in San Francisco, but it was struck down by the courts.

Proponents of the measure decry male circumcision as barbaric, unnecessary, and a mutilation (circum meaning "around" and c├Ždere meaning "to cut").

We are taking our son in for the procedure in an hour.

It makes me uneasy, the idea of inflicting any pain, or even discomfort, on my son.

So why do it?

I could point to a recent study which indicates that circumcision makes it more difficult to contract AIDS. That really isn’t a motive for me, but there are other health arguments and they do carry a little weight.

The measure was tossed because it virtually attacks those of the Jewish faith who are required to do this.

Though my faith does not require it, there is something about the way this practice was given to Abraham, father of three world religions, and he was instructed to do this not only to all male members (unfortunate pun there) of his family, but also those in his employ (and my son is ticked because a potential employer wanted him to cut his hair!).

It may not be a big deal but it does prompt a little introspection in me (doesn’t everything?).

So, partly from tradition, partly from spiritual/theological reasons, partly from health, and partly because I feel it to just feel right, we are getting my son ready for a trip to the doctor to get his pencil sharpened.


Just got home from the doc's Everything OK. He didn't even cry, though he doesn't seem very happy.

Just before they worked on him I told him I wouldn't love him any less, even though he was. (Pediatrics humor)

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Betty Courtney Bailey said...

Glad everything went so smoothly but...ouch! :)