Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Not It

This paragraph is an aside... I've had many experiences since I was really posting here. I stopped (mostly) because I wanted to give space and privacy to some people who've been important in my life of late.  Anyway... now to the current tale...

I'm being sued.

A couple of years ago I had a little fender bender. Two cars giving each other a peck on their respective cheeks (mine on the front, his on the rear). It happened at 20 mph. I hit his left rear fender, behind the wheel.

Not too bad, $700 damage to my bumper. I don't know how much to his.

I could look it up. The paperwork must be one of those doc files sent on a disc.

My insurance told me to let them know when I get served and they will deal with it right away.  Yesterday I got a flowery little card:

Somebody Here 
Has An Important Delivery
Please Call Me Today

Oh... you noticed?    "Darla Dee" went as far as to capitalize the "An"! Must be very important.

Apparently, sometime after the accident, this poor fellow needed a chiropractor. The pain; simply too fierce to permit work.

So he's suing me.

My insurance company says they decided against settling with him when they learned he had another accident after mine and that he's suing that guy too.

The gal I spoke to on the phone let it slip is trying to serve me papers and since I consider the whole thing the very reason we pay too much in car insurance (fraud) and because (and this is the important part) it's been a long time since I played "Not IT!" with someone, I'm going to have a little fun.

If she walks up to me, I will smile and take the paper and contact my insurance company. "Got me!" Those are the rules. But, until then, I can play Sam Spade, private eye, seasoned gumshoe who can shake any tail.



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Betty Courtney Bailey said...

Shake your tail, doll, and give 'em dust! I thought if you hadn't filed an insurance claim in 1 year that you couldn't file? Sorry for your trouble, Will. :-( Please give precious boy, Joshua, a hug from me! <3