Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Flag

Last night I took my family to the rodeo.  My two year old son was amazed, it was his first rodeo.  My wife was amazed also, it was her first rodeo as well.

At the beginning there was the usual sort of dedication.  A rider carrying a crisp, brilliantly colored U.S. flag. A poem, recited by John Wayne, played as the ride went from a walk, to a trot, to full speed racing around the arena.

My heart swelled.

I am deeply patriotic.  I get emotional when I think about my country. 

I love my country, but there is a cancer spreading.  A political cancer.

Within the two main parties is a growing intolerance, a growing anger, a growing resentment, even hatred for the opposing view.

Demoracts and Republicans are pushing in opposite directions.  The Progressives and the Tea Partys are each pushing their side of the aisle to move further from consensus, further from compromise.

The vitriol, the anger, the hatred has driven our country to the point where nothing gets done.  Each side sabotages the other.  Each side blocks progress.  Each side manuevers each bill to include pork and deals in a massive chess game which has little to do with running our country in a way that seeks what is best for the whole, but rather what is best for their party.

I’m fairly in the middle.  I was a member of one party for decades, then switched when I felt that side had gone too far.  I am unhappy with my new affiliation because it includes planks in its platform I find distasteful.  To accept either party is to accept compromises of my beliefs, and neither party is without the stain of flinging mud.

I write this because of that flag I watched racing around the arena last night.  I write this because of the pledge of allegiance I have my students recite.  I write this because of the National Anthem I love to hear, love to sing.  I write this because I love this country and I am dismayed by the intolerance and the hatred which is splitting us up.

I hope, I pray, that those who feel similar will speak up when things are heated, especially when the diatribes are coming from one’s own party, and will help to pull on the reins of this war of words which is turning our country into a bickering mess from which no progress is made.



Well, HELLO, Will. :) Good to know you are still out there, thinking.

Kellys Kottage said...

I use to be Secret Squirrel and I missed your blog so I looked you up! Glad to see you are still out in the blogosphere and occasionally blogging. Glad to see you have new wife and family! Cheers to you and yours!