Thursday, September 11, 2008

How Can I Help?

Brenda has consistently asked me that question ever since she dumped this mess in my lap.

"How can I help?"

The only thing I have asked her to do is fill out the divorce papers.

It's been more than a month.

After work today I drove to the courthouse in Oregon City (dang those metal detectors are sensitive! I think it was the fillings in my teeth that were setting the alarm off because they took my keys, change, cell phone, watch, belt, and nearly my dignity [never had much of that anyway] in trying to get that portal to let me pass without screeching).

I got another set of the "Dissolution of Marriage" forms, drove home, fed the boys, and started in on them. I flagged with PostIts anything I think she should have input on, needs a signature, a notary, or she has the information. It's 10:00 and I just finished.

I filled in that I would pay any fees, that I want no child support, but I want clear title to the house and I would assume our debts.

I sent her a text message, saying we need to get together now, make an appt. for someone at the courthouse to look it over for us, and file.

After getting it done in one evening, it seems pretty clear that she has been stalling on this.

So I did it.

How can she help?

Get over here, sign the paperwork, and go file them with me.

Moving on...


Becky said...

What if....He has a value to the waiting?

Vicki said...

She's stalled long enough, I would think. So sorry for all this--divorce is such a mess, no matter how it ends. Stopping by to remind you of my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Will!

curious servant said...

Now she says she'll be out of town until the end of next week.

Judas Hate said...

Out of respect, I won't type the words that are flying out of my mouth right now.
I....would tell her that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and she could leave town AFTER she stopped by and filled out the papers. She is pulling your strings Will. I'm sorry, but.....edited.............

curious servant said...

She texted that she was already out of town.

Have her papers filled out when she comes back. No more stalling. We'll compare hers to mine. I'll go get another set in case we agree to compromise we can make the change.

As far as I'm concerned... I don't want her over here for any reason until this is done. Then... I want her to get her stuff out.

Marvin the Martian said...

Perhaps your state allows you to force the divorce through in the event that she does not respond? That may need to be an option.