Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Note

I felt there was something I had to do this morning. Something I had to tell someone. I went there, but he wasn’t home. But all I wanted was to deliver the message. I didn’t really need to see him.

So I wrote it in my Moleskine (journal) and tore the page out to leave. So now I paste the note back into this electronic journal.

I hope it does good. I think it was the right thing to do. It feels like finished business now.


Ame said...

yes. forgiveness brings closure.

Anonymous said...

amazing grace


Fred said...

Amazing letter. Wow.

Lucy Stern said...

I hope this letter helps you to really forgive John for helping to "take apart" your family....Brenda, of course, had a part in this. Can you forgive both of them? I hope so..... I know that this letter will help release some of the poison that resides inside of you.

My prayers is: I pray that you, the boys, Brenda and John can all start over with your lives and renew your souls.

curious servant said...

Someone left a comment today on the previous post hoping that I would not talk Brenda down to the boys.

I would not do that. I try not to say bad things about people, even when I am angry with them.

When I changed the locks on the house, and told the boys I wanted them to start locking the doors, they knew I was trying to send a message to Brenda about boundaries.

Isaac asked, "What should we do if Mom comes over when you aren't here? Should we let her in?"

"Of course! She's your mom, and she loves you. If I don't agree with something she does, it isn't up to you to stand up for me and enforce my wishes. That would be between your mom and me. I want you to always respect her, always do as she says. She will always be your mom and how you deal with should not change even a little bit. Show her you love her, be obedient and good, just as you always have. This whole mess is between me and her, and though it affects you, it isn't your business, its ours."

I will never put her down to the boys.

curious servant said...

I'm told by someone who knows him, that John was once a strong Christian.

Perhaps this will help him regain his faith.

Marvin the Martian said...

So, I missed the part where "I wrapped the note around a brick and hurled it through his front window." Where was THAT? :D

I admire your ability to forgive. I take the easy way out - I forget. I remember enough to avoid allowing myself to be hurt again, but I forget the pain and the wounds. It's a nice trick if you can manage it.

curious servant said...

Sorry... Haven't learned that trick.

But this seems to work for me.

Vicki said...

Glad you were able to do that. The results of that letter now rest with God, of course. Also, Lucy made a good point - that Brenda had a part in all this, too. Will you be able to forgive her?


curious servant said...

I already have (as much as I am able).

I get a little ticked... but I understand she is a human being who has all sorts of hurts, problems, and griefs.

I understand many of them.

I forgive her, and I have told her so.

Amrita said...

Hi Will, you fargave John so quickly, after he tornadoes yourlife. As a woman I would find it very heard. I still have a hard time with my younger sister 's husband who was unfaithful to her and tortured her for 4 years.