Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The distant moon hung steady in the sky, an unmoving constant behind barely moving mountains, rapidly moving silhouettes of trees, and the flashing stripe on the road...

First(?) paragraph... 1961 book project

Spent time on Veteran's Day writing on that little project (see previous post).

Spent time with my kids, too.

We decided the other day that each of us would learn to cook one special food. That we would learn to make it... and then learn to make it just a little unique, so we would each have a "specialty."

Last night we dined on Meatloaf a la Isaac.

"The onions make my eyes burn!"

Ta da!

"Isaac's dinner is real good. Schezuan beef is harder," Right?"

"Yeah it was great. And your Schezuan beef is going to be tricky. But we'll figure it out, won't we!"

Yeah. And it will be good too!"

Jeremiah is pretty excited about his turn.


Brenda and I are learning how to be Ex's. (Is that the right way to handle the plural form of "ex"? Doesn't seem right... Ask me sometime about how the regular use of the " xxxxx's" is the result of a contraction.)

She has been over several times this week. The type of conversations change. She was asking to come back, and then about how much she regrets her actions and is sorry, to awkward chats concerning specifics of details needing signatures (refund check) or items forgotten. There are awkward moments when we are unsure if we should hug or something.

I'm beginning to feel invigorated about teaching again. Lots of new ideas.

I'm a little surprised at the standard of cleanliness we are maintaining in the house. I wasn't a fraction this good at it when I was 20!

Floors are swept daily. Living room vacuumed every other day. Dishes are done and trash cans emptied. Strange blessing... Without Brenda here, insisting she was the only one who could do something right, my sons are learning to learn the skills they need.

We spend a lot of time together in this orange living room... the pumpkin with our image waving arms in full scale.

Isaac and Jeremiah miss their mom and their dog... Jeremiah talks about it each night when I put him to bed. But they are accepting it. Isaac thinks is better now. He loves her, but... this is better.

I still wish I'd gotten old with one person. But I also see that whatever life I live... it is about experience... not on what I'd like to have. Life is just a hiccup in eternity.

Tonight some folks from church are coming over. We are forming a writer's group.

My robotics team has got a long ways to go to be ready for the regional tournament December 13.

Life is interesting.

I think... overall... we are doing pretty good.


Anonymous said...

What an encouraging note Will!
Can you see just how far you've come?
I am greatly impressed with you and the boys. The meatloaf - ymmmmmmm.
You're doing good! Very good indeed!!!!


Aphra said...

nice work on the cooking. it looks great!
I think the writers group is a very positive thing too.
Wishing you more positives than negatives :)

wilsonian said...

Excellent :)

Amrita said...

Keep going Will, you are doing well.

You are relaxed and managing the house smoothly, the boys are also learning new skills, that food sounds good BTW.

ukok said...

i was just about to say 'you're doing good, Will'...and i noticed it was what you wrote at the end of your post. Doing good is good enough in my book. Still remebering you all in my prayers.