Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Journeys

Tomorrow my dad is hopping on that custom bike of his and going for another world speed record.

It's a nitro fueled, 400 horse, open faring bike an he hopes to push it well over 200 mph.

There has been only four or five people who have managed to get a motorcycle to those speeds without a faring. The wind wants to yank you right off.

I told him to do his best to keep both wheels on the ground.

He flew in this week from Thailand. That is where he lives nowadays.

He wants me to come visit him this summer.

I need to have Jeremiah moved into a group home by June.

There is a source of funding for handicapped adults here. Jeremiah has been selected. The money comes available January 1. But... if he does not start drawing on it by June, then he is withdrawn from the list and won't be considered for it again. The money is to cover his living expenses in a group home... a place where there will be people to watch over him, help him. The fund would provide $6000 a month.

I need to have Jeremiah moved into a group home by June.

Isaac tuned 18 on November 2. He struggles with things... but I have been working with him and he is slowly learning to be a little less scattered, and is learning to cook, do dishes and laundry, clean house. I think by this Summer he will be able to do for himself.

So... I think I'll take my dad up on his offer and go to Thailand this Summer.

I have a friend I've known since the 8th grade in Southern California. He and I used to go on trips together. Mostly up and down the West coast. But we also went to Mexico, Tahoe, Las Vegas... Once, we drove from So. Cal. to Pendleton, Washington in '79 to watch a total eclipse of the sun.

He has some health problems, and needs to take time off work now and then.

I told my dad this morning that I'd like to spend that month with him from June 15 to July 15. Then my friend and I will do another road trip together... like we did 30 years ago. He and I will plan some trip along the West Coast, and then explore the area around my home... the Pacific Northwest.

This last year and a half has been a rough one.

But I've done a lot of growing.

By this summer my kids should be OK, and, for the first time in three decades, I can take a breath, and look around a bit.

So, there are my plans. I'm going to Thailand for a month, and then a road trip for a week or two after that.

I'd like to figure out how to write on that trip, keep posting to this blog I am fond of...

This blog has been about spiritual journeys. Metaphysical journeys. Journeys through corporeal life.

It looks like I will add a couple physical journeys to the journal of the Journey of the Curious Servant. I'm sure those journeys will add interesting perspectives.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to be able to see new adventures in your future.
You are training Isaac well and there are your friends here who will keep them both not only in our prayers but surrounded by our love.

Anonymous said...

sounds pretty nifty Will....
you sound so much healthier and excited about life and adventure!!!

wilsonian said...



terry said...

I sat down this morning and visited a friend's blog. From there I went someplace else and somehow, someway ended up here. Frankly, I have spent way too much time today reading this and many of the previous posts. It has been simply mesmerizing.

I started my own blog as a type of journal at the suggestion of a spiritual adviser. I can only wish that I had the ability to express myself with the clarity and eloquence that is offered here.

I believe that personal witness is a gift we give to others. While I can't even begin to identify with most of what you have experienced in your life and shared so generously here, I truly appreciate having the gift of receiving your "witness" (for lack of a better term).

Write the book! Seriously. Write...The...Book!

Becky said...

how'd your dad do?

Curious Servant said...

I haven't heard yet.

He must not have killed himself. That I would have heard about.

I suppose he didn't set the record either... I probably would have heard about that as well.

November at Lake El Mirage is the worst meet of the year. The winds tend to kick up and the meet often gets shut down. Because it is the last meet, it ten to have more entries than usual... so the wait in line is longer, with everyone hoping the wind doesn't shut things down before they get their run.

It's hard to imagine what it's like to go over 200 miles per hour on a lake bed without a faring to protect from the wind.

When my dad rides he lays over the fuel tank, head turned to one side, so one eye peeks over the handle bars.

Nitro fuel is amazing... When it burns, the air is filled with newly formed ammonia... it burns the eyes. The engine, just idling, rumbles so loud you can hardly hear anyone else speak.

400 horses all rearing up on two wheels to go screaming over a few miles of flat earth...

Judas Hate said...

I've done over 175 on my heavilly modified 1000R (full-faring) on a new stretch of unopened highway. Couldn't imagine it on a lake bed with no faring. And that was also 18 years ago. Yipes.

Hope it went well for your dad.

And I strongly agree with anonymous #2:-)

Love ya.


Marvin the Martian said...

LOL, your dad doesn't have enough danger in his life! Wow.

Good for you, going on a trip.

stf (lorna) said...