Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I just typed up an explanation of what is going on with Isaac and I thought I would include you in this...

Here are the details for Isaac:

He has been having a lot of difficulty eating for some time and is losing weight.

He had a barium xray a month ago which indicated a blockage in his esophagus.

Brenda and I took him in or a endoscopy for a closer look. They knocked him out... and found the muscle at the bottom of his esophagus is too large and clenched. They also found some anomalies in his stomach.

We took him back for a motility test where he had the camera inserted but he was conscious so he could swallow on command. That was difficult for him.

That test revealed the esophagus is very nearly completely closed. He cannot swallow. Everything he takes in, even liquids, do not get through. He has had the liquids pooling and draining out during the night.

Meanwhile, Brenda is in hysterics. She is frantic and looking for me to step into the role of reassuring her and calming her. I need wisdom to guide us into a healthy relationship that is different than what we are used to. She hints that she would like to return. I would rather have all my teeth pulled and every other toe broken.

We are going to see the surgeon at Good Samaritan at 4:30 today. It is entirely possible Isaac will be admitted at that time.

There is more.

In addition to the esophagus Isaac has an infection in his stomach. But he is unable to swallow the antibiotics, so the infection will have to wait until after the surgery.

There is more.

Apparently as a fetus Isaac's spleen protruded into his stomach and separated and it needs to be repaired. That will need to wait until the infection in his stomach is cured.

Interestingly, I am in good spirits. I know this will all work out. I am concerned about my son's health. I am concerned about the surgeries and the finances, and dealing with Brenda, and juggling work... But... I am at peace, knowing God is on control.

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Erin Wilson said...

Praying for all of you, Will. Thanks for letting us in.

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Amrita said...

Oh poor Issac, that 's a lot to deal with and you too. Pray for healing and recovery.

Set Brenda aside.