Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Update Regarding Previous Post

Yesterday's meeting with the surgeon went well. Isaac will have his surgery next Wednesday. I just need to try and get as much nutrition through that blockage as I can until then.

He is actually excited about it. He really wants to be able to eat again.

He will never eat the way most people do. His esophagus has had all its nerve cells die and so it cannot use the muscles to swallow. All of this has stretched it all out of shape (from a inch and a quarter diameter to 3 inches), and so he will have to simply use gravity to get his food down, and there will be nothing to stop it from coming back up... So... no lying down during or within an hour of eating.

On a personal note... Brenda is obviously trying to get back together with me. Lots of strange apologies. Lots of statements about what a big mistake she made. Lots and lots of melodrama.

Which ain't gonna happen.

I maneuvered her through doors, into chairs, through rooms, to keep Isaac between us. Kept it polite, and business like.

When we parted she looked wistfully as we walked away. I glanced back at strategic moments... and she was watching us out of sight.

I am so done with being manipulated!

I almost feel sorry for the guy who had that affair with her. Now it's his turn to deal with the melodrama.

Maybe I should send him a thank you note. I could inscribe within: "Not it!"

Just joking!

Seriously... things have been rough for her lately too. Aside from this serious issue with Isaac, her mother broke her back a few weeks ago, and her father died last week.

But... her happiness is no longer my business.

She sent me an instant message this morning:

Well... that is just a little too obvious.

I care about her, but simply replies, a business like interaction, that is all I want from her.

I am feeling good about my life. What I am doing (bought a mustang New Year's eve! Vroom vroom!).

I don't need that grief anymore.

I'm just going to take care of Isaac.


Anonymous said...

Y' know I was just thinking about what a sad place you were in when this all started, and now look at you. you are stronger, you are more determined, and you are there for your son.

i think.....i think......if you had seen the end, you would have not regretted the path.

what faith you have grown.


Ame said...

sending u an email

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see the mustang!!!!

You're doing good!

Anonymous said...

With the earthquake in Haiti I think often of your boys. Your sons who were literally saved by Grace in more ways than just you and Brenda.
So glad they are here and they are safe and you are their dad!

Marvin the Martian said...

Poor Isaac. I hope he gets better quickly!

LOL @ Brenda. Following the behavior model of an alcoholic/addict to the letter. So predictable. How nice that you have your steely resolve to keep you from relenting with her. Resolve feels good, doesn't it!

Mustang! Good for you! Drive safely.

Hope said...

I haven't read here for a long time but I am so glad to read of how healthy you are emotionally. I know it came through lots of hard work and prayer.

Anonymous said...